Were you recently laid low by a blood clot from a faulty IVC filter? If you have suffered any kind of severe symptoms, you need to get in touch with a lawyer right away. This is the person that can help you to join an ongoing lawsuit. The sooner you make the call to a qualified attorney, the sooner you can get the settlement you are owed for your medical bills. The very best way to get justice is to join the thousands of people who are filing IVC filter claims with Shamis & Gentile, P.A.

Claims for Compensation are Being Filed All Across the Country

The one thing you should know by now is that suffering from these symptoms is no picnic. If your filter began immediately showing signs of wear and tear, you were basically the victim of serious neglect, oversight, and malpractice. These are not offenses that deserve to be forgiven lightly. A faulty filter can lead to a blood clot that put a stop to your heartbeat without warning. If you are in the throes of a long and slow recovery from this malpractice, you deserve a full settlement for your trouble. This is why you need to call a lawyer to help you receive what you are owed.

You Can Call an Attorney in Florida Today

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to suffer alone. If your medical bills are racking up, you don’t have to go into bankruptcy. If you were fired from your job because you missed too much time, you may be wondering how you will make your home or car payment. This is exactly why you need to join the IVC filter claims lawsuit in Florida. It’s the ongoing suit that will get you the full settlement you need to cover your bills.

Claims for Rightful Compensation are Being Filed for IVC Filter Claims

You should be aware that a new series of IVC filter claims settlements are being handed down all across the nation. You can contact a qualified and experienced attorney in Florida to get your rightful share of this mass settlement. You don’t need to worry about paying any kind of fees or expenses unless you receive the full settlement you are owed. You can call for a free consultation at 305-479-2299 or visit our official website to obtain a free case review.