Multitudes of people every year are medically treated for serious heart, lung and other significant health problems. Many of these patients are at high risk for the development of dangerous blood clots. In some cases, a surgeon will insert a small IVC Filter medical device intended to block these clots before they can cause serious bodily injury including death.

What is an IVC Filter, and What They Are Used For?

Patients prone to blood clots are at grave risk for the development of strokes, heart attacks and other serious circulation issues like DVT – termed deep vein thrombosis. When a blood clot suddenly moves through the bloodstream to lodge before or in large veins and vessels of the heart, lungs or brain, the result is often a heart attack, stroke or other potentially deadly health condition. Doctors often surgically place IVC filters in patients with a history of any heart, lung or other circulatory ailments.

Is a Broken IVC Filter Dangerous?

These tiny medical filter devices are made to fit into smaller blood vessels prone to becoming clogged with blood that has too much clotting factor. These fragile devices are prone to breaking off. Sharp pieces can potentially move through the bloodstream and become lodged blocking blood flow. A broken IVC filter is very dangerous. This can cause major blood vessel and organ punctures from jagged filter pieces causing internal bleeding and disruption of normal body systems including blood circulation or digestive processes.

Serious IVC Filter Symptoms That Should be Reported to a Doctor

Adverse symptoms should be immediately reported to a doctor. Pain could occur from an infection or a broken IVC-filter injury. Other symptoms include peripheral numbness, tingling, blue-hued digits, difficulty breathing, feeling faint, confusion, chest pain or severe headaches. Miami individuals with these serious symptoms should also contact an IVC filter attorney in this Florida area.

How to Find Out if Your Case Qualifies for IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

Individuals that have undergone surgery to implant any type of IVC-filter may be entitled to substantial compensation benefits from a prominent IVC filter lawsuit our Florida law firm is handling.

Miami inhabitants that have had serious issues due to a broken IVC filter, or are worried about future problems, are urged to contact our IVC filter lawyer for a free and confidential consultation appointment.