There are several common IVC filter symptoms that are associated with this faulty medical device. You should also know that there is a growing number of IVC filter lawsuit settlements being handed down as a result of people suffering severe side effects from these devices. If you are suffering from some of these side effects, you have the right to contact an IVC filter lawyer to get the settlement you need to pay your bills and reclaim your quality of life.

What are the Most Common Side Effects of a Broken IVC Filter?

There are a number of unpleasant side effects that have come to be associated with a broken or otherwise faulty IVC filter. You may suffer from a sudden blood clot. This can lead to further side effects, such as the formation of a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This is an aggravation of the blood clot that can travel to your heart, causing immediate heart attack, stroke, or death.

IVC Filter Symptoms

You may notice a sudden surge of back or abdominal pain. This type of pain is common to almost every patient whose IVC filter has fragmented or broken off into other parts of your body. The pain is usually sharp, stabbing, and very permanent until the fragments are removed from your body by surgery.

If your legs suddenly begin to swell up, this may be a sign that that your IVC filter has gotten clogged up. This swelling in your legs may become extremely painful and crippling.

There may be a host of other symptoms associated with a faulty IVC filter. These may include severe pains in your neck or chest. Your heartbeat may suddenly begin to increase to a dangerous rate. You may experience bouts of light headedness, nausea, vomiting, or even confusion as to where you are.

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