Intravenous catheter filters were commonly used to keep blood clots from causing major complications. There have been substantial IVC filter lawsuit settlements reported in the news recently. Many frightened patients are unsure of where to get help. Cardiovascular surgeons have had to replace these filters in patients that had the defective filters surgically placed. Small pieces of these filters have been known to break off and travel to major organs causing heart attacks, strokes and more.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Attorney

Many are contacting a law firm that has an expert IVC filter attorney Florida located. Talking with a competent personal injury lawyer, well versed in IVC filter lawsuit legal measures, is the first step a worried person should take. Only an IVC filter lawyer will have all of the necessary knowledge of the pertinent personal injury laws to get a favorable outcome of any filed court proceedings. If a patient has died as a result of any possible IVC filter defect, the surviving beneficiary can file a wrongful death suit naming the filter manufacturer. Most personal injury lawyers will offer a free legal consultation as it pertains to each unique case.

IVC Filter Lawsuit in Florida

There are many health conditions that can make patients more prone to developing a blood clot. When this clot blocks blood from getting to a major vessel or organ, serious complications might occur. Those wanting further facts on any ongoing IVC filter lawsuit in Florida have an excellent legal representation choice in the attorneys at Shamis & Gentile P.A. The initial consultation is entirely free of charge, and individuals will get the expertise of a seasoned attorney with the expected training, background and qualifications to tackle most personal injury lawsuits including those suing IVC filter companies.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Lawyers

Having a caring and top-notch IVC filter lawyer on your side can make a huge difference in how your case is handled. Those wanting to pursue an IVC filter lawsuit at a Florida courtroom can learn the latest rulings and stipulations from pending IVC filter lawsuit settlements prior to their case. Comprehensive personal injury legal advice is available by getting a no-cost case review. Finding out all of your legal recourse options by contacting a knowledgeable IVC filter attorney with Florida offices is worth the quick call to 305-479-2299. A friendly representative would be happy to schedule your convenient and complimentary consultation time with a distinguished personal injury lawyer.