Have you had the IVC Filter implanted to prevent lung blood clots? Did you know the IVC Filter has been reported as defective? IVC Filter Lawsuit – You May Be Owed Compensation.

IVC Filter Lawsuit – Life Threatening Blood Clots

Blood clots in certain parts of your body can be life-threatening. That is why you might take certain medications and have medical devices, like the IVC Filter implanted. Unfortunately, scientists have discovered that the IVC Filter may be defective. It is not performing, as advertised. Furthermore, it might also migrate to other parts of your body. This could cause damage to vital organs. Hence, you may be able to receive compensation by filing an IVC Filter lawsuit. Why? What are your rights under product liability laws?

Product Liability: Money Owed

Under the general product liability law and specific medical device legal category, you have the right to have a product that functions, as promised. Your IVC Filter was advertised as a device that stop clots. It might not do that. Thus, under product liability law, you might be owed compensation. Moreover, the migration of this medical device to other parts of your body could cause harm. A medical device cannot cause harm under product liability law. Thus, you might have a good case, if you have been harmed by the IVC filter. Should you hire an IVC filter attorney from Florida? The problem with medical devices is that they can fail at any time. With an IVC lawsuit, you can receive fair financial compensation for past, present and future problems. This could be essential for paying future bills, if anything should go wrong. Health care bills can be quite expensive. You might need compensation for nurse assistants or rehabilitation. There are also statutes of limitation for lawsuits. It might be wise to hire an IVC filter lawyer before the time runs out.

Florida IVC Filter Lawsuit Lawyer

Don’t leave money on the table. Many medical device manufacturers will set up lawsuit settlement funds to handle jury awards. You might be owed financial compensation out of these IVC filter lawsuit settlements. Make sure to get your money before the money is gone. We, at the Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. can help you with an IVC filter lawsuit in Florida. Don’t wait, make sure your present and future medical bills are fully paid.