Have you had an IVC Filter implanted into your Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) to prevent blood clots from traveling to your lungs? Are you having any problems with these medical devices? Discover the types of IVC Filter settlement amounts that might be available to you.

IVC Filter Preventing Blood Clots

When a blood clot moves to your lungs, it could be called a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism can be life threatening. Therefore, to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs, IVC Filters are implanted. These filters go by many brand names, so ask one of our experienced IVC Filter lawyers, if your model is on the watch list. We have kept close tabs on these IVC Filter lawsuits. You might qualify for an IVC Filter settlement today. Unfortunately, many of these filters have been improperly designed. The medical device manufacturers have been negligent. Under product liability laws, they must design and manufacture a safe medical device. It is the opinion of a IVC Filter Claims Lawyer that these medical device manufacturers will be forced to pay substantial financial penalties to their victims.

IVC Filter Failure

Since August 2010, there have been concerns raised over the safety of these IVC Filters. The duty of these filters is to catch blood clots before they reach your lungs. An alert was sent to doctors about the risks associate with these retrievable filters. What sorts of problems could occur with faulty IVC filters? Of course, each patient is different. Here are a few of the life threatening complications that could be caused by IVC Filter failure: punctures, fractures, migration, injury and wrongful death. Contact experienced Miami IVC Filter attorneys to help you get peace of mind.

Preventing Health Problems

Of course, one of the reasons for implanting the IVC Filter was to prevent severe problems, like a pulmonary embolism. When your filter does not function properly, then your chances of suffering from this life threatening problem will naturally increase.

Receive Your IVC Filter Settlement by contacting a IVC Filter Lawyer

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